Thanks for another insight-filled newsletter, Ciler. I strongly agree with the ethos of John's final paragraph about niche websites: create something valuable and let people find it instead of running yourself ragged on the content hamster wheel.

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John Bardos is as real as it gets. His interview spells it out plainly: streetfight for attention; content hamster wheel; niche websites vs. newsletters; brutal honesty about sponsorships, promotion and distribution.

Anybody struggling in the newsletter ecosystem (like me) needs to read this interview and take notes!

Thanks, John and Ciler for hooking up and sharing this interview!

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Great interview! CreatorBoom is one of my favorites, and John is great!

I can related to trying many times over the years (and decades) and not sticking with it, and although I'm better than I was my promotion efforts are seriously lacking too!

But like John said, publishing the newsletter has so many positive beyond audience growth and monetization, learning and relationship building are the underrated pros!

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